Hello and welcome, my name is Lucille.

I am a Curator, Cultural Administrator and Visual Artist practicing in Edmonton, Alberta (Canada). In 2012 I graduated from the University of Alberta with my Bachelor of Art and Design. After finishing my degree I began my own small buisness working part time in my studio and full time for the Legislative Assembly of Alberta. In 2014 I decided to redirect myself into a full time commitment working in the cultural sector. This lead me to the Arts and Cultural Management Diploma program at MacEwan University, a two year comprehensive academic foundation in both for profit and non-profit arts administration. I graduated from AACM in 2016 and have continued to build my business through a variety of contracts in Museums, Galleries and other non profit organizations.

"Work in the arts is not only a way of creating performances and products; it is a way of creating our lives by expanding our consciousness, shaping our dispositions, satisfying our quests for meaning, establishing contact with others, and sharing a culture." (The Role of the Arts in Transforming Consciousness, p.3)  

Whats Happening ...

Curious Arts has published an exhibit review I wrote! 


This winter I am thrilled to be working with artist Susanna Barlow to exhibit 63°26’58”N 10°25’55”E at the Multicultural Heritage Centre Public Art Gallery in Stony Plain. This impressive body of work was created during Susanna’s studies at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology where she completed her Masters in Fine arts in 2017.

Susanna is a prolific emerging artist, featured in exhibitions within Canada, Norway, Germany, China and Japan. She works in digital and print media to create works which interrogate concepts of complex scientific relationships between the “body”, an “object” and a “place”.  Her creative practice is currently based in Berlin Germany where she lives with her partner and continues to develop her body of work independently and in collaboration with other artist.


 Susanna Barlow  



December 5th 2017 to March 1st 2018

 Photo Credit: Susanna Barlow, Field Recordings I & II (Video Installation) 

Photo Credit: Susanna Barlow, Field Recordings I & II (Video Installation)