Hello and welcome, my name is Lucille.

I am a Curator, Arts Administrator and Visual Artist practicing in Edmonton, Alberta (Canada). In 2012 I graduated from the University of Alberta with my Bachelor of Art and Design. After finishing my degree I spent some time working part time in my studio and full time for the Legislative Assembly of Alberta, before deciding to redirect myself into a full time commitment to the arts. 

I have just completed the Arts and Cultural Management Diploma Program at MacEwan University, this two year program is a comprehensive academic foundation in both for profit and non-profit arts administration. After completing my BFA I found something missing from my professional capacities, participating in the AACM program has given my the comprehensive qualifications I required to build my career and in building my small business. More importantly I have been able to make some fantastic connections with incredibly intelligent, passionate and creative arts administrators working across the cultural sector to build a better society. 

In addition to my studies I work in the cultural field with several organizations, volunteer throughout the Edmonton visual arts community, sit on several Executive Boards for local charitable non profits, and maintain my own visual arts practice.

"Work in the arts is not only a way of creating performances and products; it is a way of creating our lives by expanding our consciousness, shaping our dispositions, satisfying our quests for meaning, establishing contact with others, and sharing a culture." (The Role of the Arts in Transforming Consciousness, p.3)  


Whats Happening ...


This fall I am working with artist Sharon Hjartarson to exhibit a spectacular series of sculptural installation pieces entitled Residues, Remnants, Remains. These impressive pieces are created from thousands of found objects Sharon encountered during walks in the fields of Sturgeon County. The nails, screws, staples, ash and other scraps of debris from a burn pile transform within our space this autumn. 

Join us for the Opening Reception September 7th from 6-8pm.

 The show runs from September 1st through November 4th, come check it out! 

Sharon standing in Rain

Sharon standing in Rain


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